Practical Demonstration with Drones



Block 1: UAV for occupational safety on construction sites.

How to generate planning data for construction sites from drone flights. Planning a drone flight and processing the information.


Occupational safety on construction sites is an important topic. Many approaches and new equipment can help make working on a construction site safer. UAV are another such tool. On the one hand, they can minimize hazards by being used to initiate accurate and comprehensive planning and to record inventory in such a way that people do not have to put themselves in danger in the first place. This can then be used as a basis for risk and prevention assessments.


In the demonstration, you will see how a drone flight is planned for documentation and surveying, and which settings are necessary and how the data is further processed.


Block 2: Evaluation of the data from a drone flight and use for occupational safety.

How can the generated planning data be used for occupational safety? What applications are possible?


The second major advantage is the fast and precise monitoring of safety measures. Are known risks prevented by the specified safety measures? Are all those present wearing the PPE required for their work? Are any new hazards possibly emerging? All of this can be monitored and documented using a drone/UAS.


In the demonstration, you will see the result obtained from aerial flights and the possibilities this recording offers. In addition, other uses of drones will be demonstrated.